Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Classwork: 10/21-10/22 (update)

Write a letter to one of your favorite clothing brands (or a brand you often wear).

A). Re-read the letter the sample letter Kristen Lewis wrote to the "Madewell" company.
B). Find examples in her letter where she included details from the article "Why are Your Clothes So Cheap?"
C). Look at examples of corporate responsibility websites here, here and here.

In your letter be sure to:
1). Include details from the article telling what you learned about working conditions in garment factories (see Kristen Lewis' letter).
2). Explain what you learned about your company's views on corporate responsibility. Couldn't find information like that for your company? Tell the company (politely!) in your letter.
4). Explain how you want the company to help those who make our clothes around the world.
5). Follow business letter format.

NOTE: This link will be helpful to find the address of the company that makes your favorite brand of clothes. Please include your name but NOT your home address; please use the school's address-C/O Mr. Carlisto, Saranac Lake Middle School, 79 Canaras Ave., Saranac Lake, NY 12983

DUE: share one copy via Google Doc; print one copy due Monday, 10/26.

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