Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Classwork: 11/5-6

Please create a Google Doc and do A, B and C below:

A). Choose one of the following questions and respond in character (as Odd, Buddy or Sook). Your response should include details from the film "The Thanksgiving Visitor" and should be 150 words, minimum.

1). Odd, why are you so mean?
2). Buddy, why don't you tell a teacher about the bullying?
3). Sook, why don't other people care about your opinions?

B). Choose one of the following "starters" and write a paragraph in response. Be sure to include specific details from the film (100 words min.)

This reminds me of…

I still don’t understand….

I like the part where..., because….

At first I thought…, but then…

______ made me think about ______, because….

Based on the film, and what I know, I think ________...

C). During Thanksgiving dinner, Buddy accuses Odd of stealing Sook's cameo. Predict what happens next. Be sure to include specific details from the story to support your ideas. (100 words, minimum).

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