Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two People I Want To Be Like: a poetry writing assignment.

What does it mean to be successful?   Who do you consider a success? Who do you want to be like?

1.   Choose a role model. This must be someone who you can research.  Try this site to match your interests with someone who has achieved success. Or choose someone from this site who may fit your definition of a successful person.

2. Write a poem that emulates Eve Merriam's "Two People I Want to Be Like." In your poem, include a description of the role model you researched. Incorporate details from the person's life. Also include someone you know personally. Just like in the poem, these should be two people you want to be like.

Here's an example:

That girl just laughs.
She skips around and jokes too.
I’d never seen Mr. Adams laugh or smile.
But as soon as that girl came into town,
Mr. Adams let out a smile when those two talked,
And sometimes he’d laugh if it were a nice day.
But it was only her that could create joy out of Mr. Adam’s sadness.
That man working at the restaurant is friendly like a dog.
He talks a lot.
Always got something on his mind.
Good things like jokes and stories.
Never have I heard him complain about his life and that he deserves better.
No, no, no, no, he’s not a grump.
That man loves life,
“It’s special you know,” He tells me, “You only get one.”
That man keeps talking and enjoying life.
I wish everyone were like them.
But I guess it’s better we’re not.
Then it wouldn’t be special.
I guess it’s just a rare gift from god.
Only for her and him.
*Taken from this website.

And here's an example I wrote based on http://www.biography.com/people/john-lewis-21305903#early-life

That non-violent protestor,
That sit-in organizer,
That heroic Civil Rights activist.

Your work was necessary but dangerous; you got arrested, beaten up,
And even though it made your mother mad, still you continued...

.You continued to do big things: the March on Washington, the March on Selma; all way while you were so young.

You're much older now,have the title "Congressman Lewis," but still leading, still achieving, still succeeding, standing up for you believe,
and inspiring us. All of us.

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