Monday, April 4, 2016

Classwork: 4/5-4/8

As discussed in class, you will be making and writing about editorial cartoons.
Click here for a reminder about what student created editorial cartoons might look like.
Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

1). Choose any topic you wish, but you must A). find an article to read with background information, B). print it out, C). print and complete this worksheet based on it.
NOTE: here is a link to 200 topics you could use for this part of the assignment. You may wish to look in the middle school library for back issues of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise  or online at North Country Public Radio if you are interested in choosing a topic based on local interest.

2). Make a cartoon that persuades people about your opinion on the topic you selected. Here's an example of two cartoons which express an opinion about the long winter of 2014 and an article that explains the issue.

Your cartoon should: 

  • be hand drawn or created digitally (with an animation program, photo editing program, etc.)
  • clearly convey an opinion about the topic you selected
  • use one or more illustrations with text to persuade the reader of your opinion on the topic
DUE DATES: cartoon, article, and 5 W's worksheet due Tuesday, April 12.

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