Monday, October 1, 2012

Create a Creature

This week, students will conclude our science fiction unit by working on the research project described below:

Research your solar system planet and create a creature that could live there based on the environment of your planet. Please be thorough and cover at least four topics listed below. Each topic should be related to the environment of your planet.

Use at least four of the topics listed below:

Body design (how is it shaped and why?)

Diet (what does it eat?)

Acquiring food (how does it get it’s food?)

Shelter (where does it live?)

Protection (what does it use for protection? Does it fight back or hide?)

Skeleton (how does it keep its shape?)

Mobility (how does it move?)

Sensory Ability (what are its senses?)

Communication (how does your creature communicate with other creatures?)

Other unique adaptations/behaviors.

Your essay is to be typed, double-spaced, and in 12 pt font.

This project should be about five to seven paragraphs in length.

Please use full sentences and use proper punctuation and grammar.

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