Monday, August 29, 2011

ELA 7: The Year Ahead

Welcome parents and students! It's the beginning of my second year keeping this blog. I hope you'll find it useful.
This year, the curriculum in our class will be informed by the Common Core State State Standards. What that means is that we'll be focusing on (among other things) close reading of texts, writing about texts, research projects, and narrative writing.
Also, independent reading will be a major focus for us. Last year, the seventh grade students with whom I worked read over a thousand books! Often times, the homework for ELA class will require the student to read her independent book. I will make every effort to keep assigned homework consistent with the SLCS School Board policy.
Again this year, students will be using the online reading program Achieve 3000.
I'll be posting more information about specific content that we'll be studying soon. Be sure to check back often, as I try to keep the blog updated.

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